Training? Yes!

  • What training do you need to be a missionary?  Certainly a missionary needs Bible and theological training:  it's hard to explain the way to others if you're fuzzy about it yourself.  Experience in ministry is also a great asset.  However, even those with the best training and experience can run aground overseas.  You can't simply do what you are used to doing.  You need to learn how to minister cross-culturally.

    While we try to cover major issues in our candidate orientation, we have a much fuller, richer program at our missionary training centres situated in THe Netherlands (Cornerstone), New Zealand (Eastwest College) and Australia (Worldview College). 

    It should be mentioned that training at any of our missionary training centres in no way implies a commitment to join WEC.  Like us, they're happy to help in preparing others to serve the Lord overseas.  Which mission you're with doesn't matter.




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