A Dream with Meaning

I met a man, A, who lives about an hour away. He had received a Bible from our group three years previously and became a believer on his own. He’d been waiting for someone to meet with him ever since. When one of our teammates did meet him, they found a solid committed believer who knew his Bible well. He had been kicked out of his home and lost his job, but only became stronger in the Lord. Our teammates did a Bible study with him, then suggested that he teach the Bible to the people in the community. He followed their suggestion, and the next time our teammates and I visited A, he brought along a friend who had had a dream about a dove. I explained the symbol of the dove in scripture. The man was relieved, because he thought that A had performed some sort of magic on him. Now he meets regularly with A to study the Bible. The next time I went, A brought along another friend who had had the same dream and joined the Bible study. On my next visits, I found that first, five guys having had the same dream had joined the Bible study, then fifteen, and now twenty-eight. They were all meeting because of this dream. It appears when A agreed to share the Bible with his community, the Holy Spirit brought along people to join him.

From a worker in the Middle East

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