A Worker Shares His Call

About a year ago I saw a large group of men playing cricket in a park and decided to go over and ask where they were from.  As I approached a group of men sitting under a tree I was gripped with fear and was about to turn around when the Lord reminded me of the verse. …’perfect love casts out all fear.’      I went on and spoke to them. They were Pashtuns that had fled their country in hopes of finding work so they could support their families. My heart was immediately burdened and from then on I asked the Lord to send workers to reach these precious people.

 I began to interact more and more with these men and would speak to them using a couple of greetings I had learned. Their faces would immediately light up with smiles. I felt they were opening a door for me to enter into their lives, but the only way to do that would be to learn their language and I wasn’t prepared for that. Actually, I was in denial about them. Then God gave me a dream that was quite vivid where I was sitting in a classroom studying the Pashto language. I began to cry in my dream and woke up crying.

At the end of that month while in a prayer meeting the Lord spoke to me again. A few Pashtun guys came to my mind and I felt the Lord say to me, “These people carry such heavy burdens, when they were made to carry My Glory.” In that moment I caught a glimpse of God’s heart for the Pashtun people. I couldn’t hold back the tears. Since then, whenever I see a Pashtun I’m filled with compassion. They are like sheep without a shepherd.  Following a time of fasting and prayer I found my soul aching as never before for the Pashtun people. The result is I am now studying their language and asking God for open doors through which I can bring His Good News. I’m really excited to see what Jesus has in store for the Pashtuns.

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