Adjusting to the Unexpected

I’m so thankful to be back in Abbotsford–I made it just in time for the floods! My parents had previously moved out from Sumas prairie to Sumas mountain and sold the property to my brother. My parents still own the chicken farm and continue to work there as well as have a construction company office on the same property. I was staying with my brother and his family the night the floods began, and we pulled two all nighters witnessing the waters rise and lifting things up to higher ground. The water on the road was chest deep. We saved a guy who almost drowned while driving through the deep water at three in the morning trying to get to work. He thought the water was only one foot or so deep. Thankfully, he was fine and stayed at my brother’s place that night. We warmed him up in the hot tub and shared the Gospel with him. It has been very busy the past month, helping to clean up and fix damage in the shop, office, storage containers and chicken barn. The house was safe, but the basement was totally under water. I’ve been able to help others as well. It has been a blessing to see the community come together to help people out.

From a worker on home leave

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