An Encounter that Changed Everything

I was curious to meet this man who had requested a New Testament. Was he already a believer? On meeting us in his city, he invited us into his house, which is not common here. We learned that he is a teacher and has studied both philosophy and psychology. He had been an atheist all of his life, but last year had an encounter that changed everything. One of his students told him of a dream he had of Jesus. In the dream he saw the arms of Jesus stretched out with his hands nailed to the cross. The dream was extraordinary in itself, but when the student woke up, he found that he had the marks on his palms where Jesus had been nailed to the cross. The student showed the marks to his teacher, who suggested that he read the New Testament and visit a Christian church. After that, the teacher of philosophy and psychology lost contact with the student, but having witnessed the physical signs of marks of the cross on the student’s hands was forced to move beyond his rationalistic atheism. As I talked with him, I got to know more details of his life. He never was a Muslim but has researched religion and was quite familiar with Christianity, more than the average person here. This experience has pushed him into real faith in Christ, and he wants to be baptized. His longing is to have fellowship with other believers, but we don’t know of any others in this city. We talked for about four hours, covering many of his questions about scripture. He was hungry to have his faith strengthened. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord as we move forward with this new believer.

By a worker in the Middle East

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