An Unexpected Surprise

On a short-term trip to the Middle East in 2022 I met a family at a WEC conference who asked if I would be interested in helping them for a short time to teach their eight-year-old daughter who was to be homeschooled. They lived in a neighbouring country in Central Asia. God opened the door for me to go in September 2023. It was an amazing experience, although I did endure some culture shock in not being able to communicate with the local people. I enjoyed the simplicity of living in a small town, away from the busyness of regular life. It was a blessing to spend time with the family I went to help. I learned a lot from them, especially the parents. I saw the fruit of their faith in their parenting, marriage, and interactions with me and the locals. They taught me so much about generosity, trusting in God’s provision, and faithfully walking with the Lord. Near the end of my trip, God gave me an unexpected surprise. I asked Him to use me in reaching out to the local people. The following day, as I was on the train returning from the capital city, I met a woman and her son. We talked the whole 2 ½ hours all about God. She had asked me, “Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God, because I believe he is only the son of God.” And so we searched the scriptures together, and I got to watch as God opened up her eyes to who his Son really is. In the end, I found out that she did not believe she would go to heaven because she was a sinner. I got to share with her the Good News that God’s forgiveness is found in Jesus. Later, she invited me to her home, and I gave her a Bible. I prayed with her, and she followed me in a prayer. Afterward, she said she felt a shift in her heart. Before leaving I connected her with a local believer. During my trip, God reminded me that He is truly alive and desires a relationship with us. He gives us authority over the powers of darkness and allows us to walk in his light and to draw others into it too. I want to continue to serve Him in missions and am asking the Lord for His direction.

From a short term worker in Central Asia

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