Build 18 – 22 JUL 2022
  • added better alignment in the Staff page when images were not present
  • revised spacing of extra full-size images added to posts
  • prevent postal code wrapping in footer
  • fix image links listed under “Helpful Websites”
  • revised “Helpful Websites and Books” to “Helpful Websites”
  • added ‘Further Information’ heading on Donate page
  • standardized color on Headings on Donate page
  • revised link to on Donate page (2x)
  • added tel# and address (both clickable) to Contact page, and added slight coloring
  • removed 2015, 2016 from Stories menu drop-down
  • changed “Related Stories” to “More Stories”
  • changed the “Reaching the Unreached” embedded video to half-width
  • corrected text alignment on single story posts for all screen sizes
  • revised recent stories menu link color to blue (was white; hard to read)
  • added headings to identify WEC Training Centers’ countries
  • under the training accordion added a link to the training centers on Resources page
  • removed logic to take map from international site (no longer available) and added text as supplied, and link to international site.
Build 17 – 15 JUL 2022
  • added slight separation between principle cards on home page
  • cleaned up Stories menu drop-down, added color band between recents links and year archive links
  • added user profiles for Julie, Mick, Karen
  • revised default WordPress login location (for added security)
Build 16 – 04 JUL 2022
  • updated Donations page with content supplied.
  • updated Resources page with content supplied – **check that I have understood the Prayer Resources correctly? Im not sure, thanks**
  • QUESTIONS about donate:
    • use inline form for CanadaHelps (as is done now), or link to the CanadaHelps site?
    • specifies link to Privacy policy, but where is it?
    • site does not exist?
Build 15 – 27 JUN 2022
  • added Home link to top menu ( for space reasons, it is on Secondary menu until sticky menu shows, then it is on sticky)
  • added Search to top menus, and made more prominent
  • revised “Pray for Nations” area to only show a detailed link to Operation World site
  • added “Pray for Nations” area to home page
  • revised first link in About, Serve, Prayer, and Resources drop-down menus to simply go to the ‘parent’ page (top of page)
  • added blurbs as provided for   Is WEC Right for you?, Steps for Joining, Opportunities
  • revised text as provided for Under: Is WEC Right for you? Subsection WEC? – Location and Calling
  • revised Staff page, NEED PHOTOS AND BIOS
  • changed What We Do image
  • revised Stories logic to show the first month accordion (of any year) already open
  • revise styling to address issue of partial images being shown on background on smaller screens. Now, any screen less than 1024px wide will show entire image as background (ratio permitting) *but* the image will scroll (no parallax effect) . The static background and show full image attributes are incompatible
  • on single story pages, float image left and wrap text
Build 14 – 17 JUN 2022
  • added more Staff profiles, to better demonstrate page’s functionality (accordion)
  • added Position as separate field for Staff records, and show on accordion header area
Build 13 – 15 JUN 2022
  • added animation delay to “how will they ….” on home page
  • re-added Stories main banner (this was missed on build 12)
  • revised color banding on Ministry Partners to match Stories color banding
  • revised top-level ‘Stories’ menu item to go to Stories page (instead of doing nothing)
  • add slight color variance and font weight on Stories menu links to differentiate ‘Recent’, ‘Years’, and ‘All’
  • have all YEAR accordions open (Showing months) when page is first shown
  • added ‘Most Recent’ Accordion to top of Stories page
  • if specific year is selected from menu, open it, but show all other years’ accordions on page as well
  • show Stories accordions as smaller when closed, expand when open
  • *started* Staff page, under ‘About’ – needs feedback on this format
  • TECH:
    • moved custom JS code to separate file
    • moved recent stories query to inc. file
Build 12 – 06 JUN 2022
  • added Helen Roseveare quote to Serve page
  • removed placeholder intro text on Contact page
  • rewrite Stories display logic
  • added a significant number of Stories, as per list; can not find some
  • show ‘read time’ on Stories single page
  • TECH
    • stories-archive has custom template
    • storeis menu items driven by custom functions to populate
Build 11 – 30 MAY 2022
  • moved build details link to above header for more room on header (THE BUILD LINK IS TEMP WHILE WE ARE IN BUILD)
  • shifted sub-menus left 82px to avoid truncation
  • enhanced Stories page to add color banding, cleaner presentation on wide screens
  • ‘Stories’ menu drop-down will shown 3 latest Stories, and a link to ‘All Stories’
  • revised Donate page, Contact page to bring header to std presentation format
  • added slight shadow to page headings to assist readability on light backgrounds
  • TECH:
    • enabled caching (using Siteground Optimizer)
    • enhanced Stories menu handled to properly show drop down chevron
Build 10 – 24 MAY 2022
  • removed “Home” opportunities, posts, and post category for opportunities
  • populated Prayer area, and all subpages (Prayer Resources still to come)
  • NOTE: should get Operation World’s approval of use of their content under “Pray for the Nations”)

Build 9 – 18 MAY 2022
  • added code to check if accordion header is hidden under sticky header when clicked, if so, scroll it down into view
  • enhanced look of subtext ‘headings’ in accordions (.e.g under Faith, “At any point in any…..’)
  • added jump menu to Serve page
  • replaced WordPress default search functionality with enhanced plugin (Ivory Search)
  • converted ‘Resilience’ from headings/ Text format to Accordion format
  • changed sub-accordion headings to white
  • (TECH NOTE) added hook in functions.php at template-redirect to ensure that any navigation to a child page goes to parent page, with hash set. For this to work, the slug of the child must match (case-sensitive) the element ID set in the insert on the parent page. Also make sure the hash matches in float (“jump”) menus and menus are set to match
  • updated parent theme to 3.8.1
  • added favicon
  • completed all content to the ‘Serve’ area, as provided by WEC (need some blurbs for banner images, as noted on the image)
Build 8 – 16 MAY 2022
  • added link to Practices and the Core of WEC here: in ‘How We Work’ section
  • added link to our opportunities database in the Long Term section (as well as the opportunities section)
  • fixed Acts 13 link
  • populated ‘Faith’ with sub-accordions and ‘Resilience’ (with headings and text) under ‘SERVE’ . This is to help decision on what interface to use for for all sections
Build 7 – 13 MAY 2022
  • reworked page headings and section leading “quotes” to be on image
  • removed WEC MK School references
  • removed Training as its own page
  • brightened text on home page banner

Build 6 – 11 MAY 2022
– cleaned up Ministry partner logos – made all PNG
– added links originally missed on Ministry partners
– added faint underlining to all links in body content
– added ‘Map’ page to show where WEC is (iframe-ed custom PHP pulled feed from international site)
– increased banner images height for About, Why WEC, What We Do, and How We Work
– added links from Core Principles logos on home page to the Core Principles section under ‘How We Work’

Build 5 – 09 MAY 2022
– added ‘Jump’ menu to About page to demonstrate; (will add to all if approved)
– revised text on home page
– revised banner image on About page
– populated all sections of About page, with content and images provided
– added skeleton ‘Training’ page

Build 4 – 04 May 2022
– added subtle load fade-in animations on home page
– added text shadow to “how will they know…” on home page to make it stand out more
– added banner image to Donate page
– added text to Donor page (copied from existing site, but not all text)
– added Canada Helps form and logo to Donor page

build 3 – 02 MAY 2022
– enhanced titles and hero images on pages
– changed letter spacing on script font ‘Rock Salt’
– left justify text on home screen when less than 768 px

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