Church Celebrates 45 Years in Indonesia

Walter and Melita Mohr, semi-retired workers that were in Indonesia and then on Canadian home staff, received warm greetings for Christmas from church leaders in Surabaya where they served from 1974 to 1978. The Church writes, “We begin this year with much blessing. On January 5, 2020 we celebrated 45 years since our church started. The church that began in a simple narrow car garage has now added a second floor. The Lord has blessed this ministry. Thank you for planting God’s truth; it has grown and become fruitful.”

Walter comments, “We remember well that hot Sunday morning when we drove the VW van out of the narrow garage and set out some chairs. We had told some folk that we would begin a church plant in this large city and finally had the needed permits to hold a service at our home in the attached garage. We waited and slowly they came, only about two dozen, mostly walking, a few on bikes. Melita and our four children found seats and the garage was comfortably full. It was 9 am and we sang a few songs and I gave a message. In the months that followed, the church grew and our whole house was taken over on Sunday mornings. Then we found a property nearby to rent. By this time, a national pastor, Pak Radjum, had joined us. God has been faithful. Pastors dress more formally now – so very Indonesian. Jesus keeps building His church. Let us be encouraged as our labors in the Lord are never in vain.”

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