Dramatic Connections

In November, my husband J and I prayed that the Lord would give us connections with our focus people here in Hamilton. The next day we were driving back from Brantford and J noticed a burning car in the ditch between the two sides of the highway. He quickly pulled over into the ditch and ran over to see how he could help. 

 From a distance, I watched as he assessed the situation and discovered that someone was stuck in the car. J looked inside multiple times trying to figure out how to get the man out. The man was unconscious on the passenger side – the side hit in the collision. After some quick problem-solving, J got one of the other men who had been in the car to pull him so that he could pull the other guy out.  I had visions of the car exploding before the rescue could be completed!

As we waited for emergency crews to arrive, the three or four other members from the car all waited near their friend (who was regaining consciousness) talking to each other. Imagine our shock to hear the language that J and I had been studying in the Middle East! More specifically, the exact dialect. One of them gave J their contact information so that we could find out how this man was doing! We are hoping to visit them when restrictions lift! (The man underwent surgery and has been recovering at home.) 

We saw a clear connection between this man’s situation and the Gospel. We are completely helpless in our sin and need someone from the outside to come in and save us.

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