Dressed in White

In our region of north London, England, and in our church, most of the Turkish speakers come from the area where the severe earthquakes took place, so it hit us hard here too. In the midst of dark days however, there are amazing stories emerging. We have heard several reports from different sources of rescued children saying they weren’t hungry because someone (including a man in white) had come to visit and feed them. Since the earliest days the national church has been mobilized to go, reach out, and feed hundreds of people with hot meals.
We want to tell you about others dressed in white. For various reasons a few people were not able to take part in the baptism service in May 2022. We rejoice that they were baptized later in the year. Before the Alpha course that ran two years ago, one church lady, had a dream that she climbed a mountain with ‘Naomi’ who was dressed in white. Naomi finished the Alpha course and came to faith, but last year had the challenge of her husband having a heart attack. She had to run their restaurant on her own. When she finally donned the white gown to be baptised, it seemed like she had climbed that mountain. Another lady baptized in a white robe, ‘Amy,’ says, “it was a miracle, to have my angry husband agree to drive me, because of a train strike, from our town 100 miles away, in a car that was about to breakdown.” For security and privacy reasons we cannot share photos of these two women, but the picture we are painting is how proud we were of the steps of faith these two Turkish women took to be baptized.

By Charles and Rebekah deBeuger

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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