East Witnesses to West

One of our current discipleship students, Sarah, and another local Christian friend were out at a café the other day when the cafés finally reopened after weeks of Covid closure. They overheard a man at the next table struggling to order food for lack of knowledge of the local language. Sarah speaks excellent English and offered to help him. He was so grateful he invited Sarah and her friend to join him and his friends. They were from Spain, one worked at the Spanish embassy while the others
were engaged in a short-term project in the country. As they got talking the subject of religion came up. None of these men were believers although raised Catholic. Imagine their shock to meet two Christians from this Muslim country. They ended up spending the day together visiting the touristic sites. One man shared that he had never really thought about faith or eternity at all until that day. It turned out that this was their last day in the country. Sarah said, “This is not a coincidence. What are the odds of you finding two Christian believers in this city of six million people and on your last day here? God has arranged this.” They exchanged contact information and Sarah and her friend plan to keep in touch. It blesses me so much to see believers from East speaking about Jesus and bringing life to people from the West.

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