Fishing in Fiji

Twelve fishermen from Indonesia found themselves stranded in Fiji when the borders suddenly closed. These young men, hired by their company for a two-year venture, were enroute to join their fishing boat and crew somewhere in the South Pacific. Fiji was to be a few-hours stopover.  Now they were stuck. All young men, most of them married with at least one child, were eager to make some money to send home to their families. Their first time in Fiji, they were desperate to get going. Their company seemed to take little note of their needs.  Now what?

God had a plan. A local church pastor heard of their situation and arranged to bring them food and ask other locals for food hampers. These caring Christians worked together to show love to their neighbours. Derryl and Kim Bloomfield ate a meal with the men and spent about three hours sharing the Gospel. Three of them were believers. Derryl wrote, “Only the Saviour can put total strangers together for a few hours and blend them so completely they feel like family. Even though we couldn’t understand each other’s language, we could feel God’s love. Pray the unsaved among them will never forget the Gospel message they heard that day and that they will soon receive Jesus as their Saviour and live for Him.”

After several weeks, their company sent a boat to transfer the twelve men off the island to their fishing boat. Without the Corona virus the men would have been fishing and would not have heard the Gospel or seen it in action by believers in Fiji. Pray they become fishers of men.

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