Food, Fun and Faith

In 2021, I launched a hospitality ministry to international students. At first, I had a new female student over every week. I would share my testimony and the Creation to Christ story. The interactions with each of the students were very positive, especially since most of them had little familiarity with the concept of God. I also passed along some reading material to those who wanted to learn more. I hosted bigger events as well. We did a Chinese hotpot party and a dumpling party. The Chinese students made the dumpling batter all by hand and showed the rest of us how to put the filling inside and fold them properly. What a fun experience that was! After that meal, I shared a story that highlights a significant theme in Chinese culture – blessing. The story is about God fulfilling His promise of blessing His people by sending Jesus. Later in the evening, when I asked what their response was to the message, one of the students poured out his heart, sharing his uncertainty about the existence of God in an evil and broken world. He wants to believe there is a God out there who cares. I have since moved from Hamilton to St. Catharines, but I am still working with students in the universities in this area and planning events such as hikes, a sugar bush tour, and a potluck supper. Thankfully the events were a hit. Having fun together helped people become more comfortable with one another. Please pray for these students.

Leah DeVos, International Student outreach

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