Garlic and Goats

Sipho and Amanda Moyo in Zimbabwe write:

“ACTS13 is growing and developing throughout Africa and here with us in Zimbabwe. We are working hard at developing our farm to be a hub of mission sending preparation and practical skills learning. Our vision is for it to be a demonstration of how agriculture can support and sustain missionaries, either from the support base at home, or as a means of missional business while on the field. In June we planted 76,000 garlic bulbs set up with drip irrigation. The plants are thriving and reaching for the sun. Pray for full germination and the ability to keep up with the irrigation of this special crop.Pray for the development of our business plan for GARLIC and GOATS that we can further research and improve as we go along. Our desire is to see African missionaries sent and supported from African assets.

“We praise God that the first funding towards GARLIC came from our sending church in South Africa, not as a project fund, but an accumulation of six months support that is a big chunk of what we needed to get started. We still need a bigger solar pump system for irrigating the garlic and our other garden produce, but we are excited by the Lord’s provision thus far. ”

As much as possible, Sipho and Amanda do mobilizing within local churches, promoting missional education and making calls for practical involvement in cross cultural missions. Three young men, serving with Excellent Youth Outreach in Ghana, visited in June to help Sipho and Amanda in any way they could. Amanda says, “We were so impressed by the servant-hearted willingness of these guys. Their first activity was to share at a youth conference. Although the time was short their message packed punch.” Two of the guys were a great help on the farm. They ended the day by praying with Sipho and Amanda under the trees at the end of the field. It was a significant time for Sipho and Amanda as they believe it was no coincidence, in these early days of garlic growth, that God brought promise of vibrant African disciples.

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