God affirms J’s call

Things finally came together. For three years, J had dreamed of going to a country in the Middle East where God had called him. Because of numerous food allergies and a restricted diet, doubts arose in his thoughts: “How will I ever find the food I need to live there?” Amazingly, God opened the door for a three-month trip to his dream country to show J that He could keep him and use him there.

God did above and beyond what J expected. On exchanging flights in Cairo passengers were told: “Your flight has been cancelled.” Hours of waiting ensued while the airlines tried to find another route. With lots of time on his hands, J began a conversation with a young man waiting for the same flight. He turned out to be from the country where J was heading and he spoke English. They talked and exchanged thoughts about their separate religions and beliefs. When J was offered a hotel room by the airlines, he refused it because his friend did not qualify for the same service. Their friendship was cemented. Finally a new flight was arranged and J and his new friend were on their way. His friend asked him lots of questions about his faith and J got to share the message of salvation. Arriving at their destination, they exchanged phone numbers before parting.

Twice, J met up with his new friend. Conversations continued about who Jesus is. The young man didn’t show that he had an interest in following Jesus but it was encouraging for J, who had never been to this country, to already have a friend who could share with him about the country and culture.
J relished studying the language. He joined a group of new workers visiting various areas of the country. During that trip he learned how seasoned workers approached people in evangelism and he had more opportunities to meet young people who spoke English. Although some showed interest in what J believed about Jesus and the Bible, it was discouraging to often hear the words, “But your book has been changed.” In other words, it has no value. Let us pray with J, and others who are witnessing for Jesus, that the Holy Spirit would enlighten hearts blinded by Satan’s lies.

The trip proved to J that when God calls, He also provides for all our needs. J didn’t eat like he would have back home, but he says, “It’s do-able.” He not only survived but actually put on weight while away.

Most important, J’s call to long term service in this country is stronger than ever.

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