God Follows Up on Dramatic Connections

In January we printed a story called Dramatic Connections. J pulled a man from a burning car on the
highway. J and his wife C were so amazed that the people they were helping were from the same
area where they had served in the Middle East. Here is the follow up of that story written by C.
We exchanged phone numbers on that fateful day and hoped this would give us an open door into
the lives of these people. Six months went by without any word. We thought that despite God
connecting them to us so clearly, we would never see them again.
In May, J was out walking with a friend and all of a sudden someone rolled down the window of a car nearby that had stopped at the stoplight a guy (M) shouted out, “Hey you’re the guy from the accident.” He got out of the car to get J’s phone number before taking off again. Amazing that in a city of over 500,000 people they happened to cross paths and that the guy recognized J on the street. The accident had taken place at night.
Not long after, J went to a popular park on evening to try to make connections with Arabic speakers and connected with a group of young Arab men, After hanging out with them for a while, M came along greeting J warmly. The members of the group asked him, “How do you know J?” “This is the guy who pulled A out of the car,” he said. Pray that J will continue to have meaningful connections with these young men. Also pray for A as he still has headaches from the accident and may need surgery.

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