God is Able

Juan Arvelo in Spain shares with us what God did this year to take him to Dallas for a week-long intensive course.

“This term I am taking two subjects from the Master’s program in World Arts online: Theory and Practice of Ethnodoxology and Current Issues on Scripture Engagement. The first one had an intensive component on-campus that lasted for a week but I didn´t have the funds to go. As the days went by, we were still lacking the money to book the air ticket. One evening we were ready to use our credit card to pay for it but, literally, God stopped us. The day before the trip I still didn’t have the money, but we had the certainty that God was about to surprise us. And He did! That afternoon, I decided to pack my suitcases trusting that God would open a door for me. When I finished packing I sat down on the sofa waiting for God to intervene. Minutes later I received an email from the professor asking for my arrival details. I explained that I was still waiting on God for His provision to book the ticket, and she replied:  “We have just received an offering for a special fund for cases such as these so, tell me how much you need. We are paying your ticket”. I couldn´t believe my eyes! Ainara was in tears as she heard the news from me. God is so good! The following day was surreal; just hours before, I didn´t have the money to go to Dallas but then, I was seated on an airplane on my way to Dallas. God is able!”

Juan and Ainara along with their two young children are planning to move to Dallas for a year this coming summer so that Juan can finish his program at the university. This is a big step of faith. An unexpected gift has already covered the cost of airfares but in order to obtain American visas they have to give evidence of enough support in order to live in the USA – an enormous sum.  Is anything too hard for our God?

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