God is Always on Time

By Linda Nagel

A few years ago, my passport and visa to return to Côte d’Ivoire had not come when I expected. Anxiety settled in.  Although I had sent my passport in to the Côte d’Ivoire embassy in good time, by Friday there was still no sign of it and my flight was booked for the next day. Staying at the WEC base in Hamilton, I frantically phoned the embassy in Ottawa to ask where it was and they replied, “We sent it by post.” I watched for the mailman with great anticipation, but when he came he had nothing for me. How could I leave the next day? If I didn’t go, plans for my stops along the way would all have to change – which seemed like a nightmare to me. But God knew what He wanted me to do. Trust Him. The idea came to call the postal sorting station in Hamilton. Praise God for a friendly voice on the other end while I explained my dilemma. “We’ll watch for it in this evening’s post from Ottawa,” she said. “Call us tomorrow morning.” I called the next day and heaved a sigh of relief, silently shouting hallelujah, as the agent said, “We have your passport, but since there is no mail delivery today, you need to pick it up yourself.” At that time the mail sorting station was downtown, a few blocks from WEC. I ran rejoicing to claim my prize, and left for Côte d’Ivoire the same afternoon.

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