Great Joy in Bringing Souls to Christ

While I was on the Greek island of Samos, I got to know a man from Gaza who speaks English well enough for me to communicate with him. He is a Muslim, but he is interested in learning about my faith in Jesus. We are still messaging on the phone.

At the end of July, I was able to get a visa back to my adopted country of ministry and went on a five-day trip to a city in the south/central region. The people in this city are religious Muslims but some are very open to hear the Gospel. There is a new church there which is very small. I went on this trip with four other people, one of which was a new local believer who came to faith the night of the earthquake earlier this year. Often new believers make for good evangelism teammates because of their fresh passion. It was a good learning experience for me. Praise the Lord that two young men came to faith during our time in that city. These two men have been friends with each other since childhood and both confessed their faith in Christ that day in a café in the city centre. Pray for them to grow in their faith and overcome whatever obstacles they may face. There are very few Christians in that city.

Another man in the capital city also recently accepted the Lord. He was a contact through the Bible website where people can order a New Testament and request to meet with a Christian to ask questions. Another friend and I met with him at the end of August. He said he has been researching Christianity for six years and that this is the first time he’s ever met with someone and talked to them about it. His main question was about the Trinity. He used the phrase, “Yahweh and his three persons”, which means that he has already gone deeper into studying Christian theology than most. We talked about it for about an hour and I sent him some more resources online. It gives me great joy to say that this man has come to believe in Jesus, not just as a prophet, messiah, or saviour, but as Lord.

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