In Search of a Green Tree

A story from workers in the Middle East

We have seen many new visitors coming to our church recently and many of them have shown evidence that the Lord is working in their lives. One example is a man who recently moved here from another country in the Middle East. He woke up one morning after having had a dream of a green tree. He had been reading the New Testament and felt that this was somehow related. So he went on the internet searching for a green tree church. He couldn’t find a church that had that name, but our church has another name that starts with the same letter. So he decided to come and visit our church. He had to travel over two hours from his part of the city to get here. When he arrived, he was surprised to see a green tree on the church sign. He was very open to talk to us and received prayer. Please pray for him. He seems to already believe the facts of the New Testament. Pray that he would find the new life he really needs. Pray also for his inner healing as he has gone through many difficulties that have left him depressed much of the time.

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