Jesus Speaks

We have a close friend from the city where we used to live, who has faith but has never been bold enough to publicly show others what she believes. We have known her for eleven years. Recently she lost her home in the earthquake. She had a dream last week in which she saw a man dressed in shining white. She spoke to him and realized that she was speaking with the Lord Jesus. She began to ask why he had not come and spoken to her before. Jesus said, ” Oh, but I have been speaking to you for many years. I have been speaking to you through my servants. Who do you go to when you are crying? Who do you go to when you need help? Who do you ask to pray for you? When you go to my servants, I am here speaking to you through them.” The servants Jesus was speaking about are our co-workers. This lady has now decided to be baptized. Praise the Lord he is at work in this tragedy drawing people to Himself and increasing the faith of many.

from a worker in the Middle East

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