Looking in on a Young Family in North Africa

Homeschool has been going well for the most part. The heat demands lots of water and juice to keep the children doing their work well. Maria will finish grade 5 in mid-June. Elsie grade 4, Ethan grade 2, and Andrew is finishing kindergarten. Kevin and Jared are content to play with or fight over their toy trucks or homemade play dough. Recently the kids spent two or three days playing store with a bag of peanuts from our neighbour, who they call Grandma. They also love tree climbing, reading, and playing with the flock of goats beside our house. For Maria’s birthday we bought two tame rabbits and Jared loves to chase them around the yard. Arabic classes for the children are going well and they are becoming more at ease in the language. Pray for an enjoyable summer break for the kids.

From workers in North Africa

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