Making Disciples in a Muslim Land

An exciting development for me has come through a young man I’ve been discipling for just over a year now. We’ve been trying to do pre-baptism studies but have constantly been delayed by him bringing along friends that he wants to hear the gospel. We told him that he is quite capable of sharing the Gospel himself but he continues to bring them along. Last week he brought a friend with a lot of health issues. This friend was at our first meeting last year when they were all atheists and agnostics. He said he was shocked that his friend could ever have become religious and wanted to know more. He had been reading the Bible and was hungry to hear more. Pray for his health (major spinal issues) and that he would continue to pursue the joy and love of God that he sees in his friend’s life.

My wife had the joy of baptizing a young lady she has been discipling for a year and a half. Once Covid-19 hit, universities closed, and she was forced to return to her parents’ house where she was confined. They strongly opposed the decision she had made to become a Christian. They said, “It would be better if you died than not fast during the month of Ramadan.” My wife couldn’t see her for months, she was very isolated. We made a plan. We would drive the five hours to her town as a family, taking along a couple of women believers, and meet her when she could leave the house for a few hours. After picking her up we drove to the sea where we baptized her and took communion together. Then followed a wonderful time of worship. She returned home to angry parents who ignored her for many days to show their displeasure. But praise God our friend said she didn’t mind, and she continues to thrive and grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

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