Missionary Parents Visit Their Missionary Kids

We were extremely grateful to have my wife’s parents visit us this month. One day we decided to take them to a local bazaar. We normally would take a taxi there, but we felt like we should go on the local metro bus (which adds almost a half hour to the travel.) The metro bus is segregated, with a large men’s section and a small lady’s section in the front. So, my wife, her mother, and sister headed to the front to find seats. There was an open seat next to an older woman where my wife’s sister sat. This woman was from the focus people group we are hoping to reach, and of whose language we are learning. They are a minority in this city, so it makes it hard to meet women. They got chatting and it turns out it was a whole family on their own little trip to our city from a mountain valley and village. When we stepped off the bus, we all got chatting, the men with the men and women with the women. It was special for my wife’s parents to see their daughters chatting away and observe the love they had for the people. It became clear at that moment why the Holy Spirit directed us to take the long, inefficient way to the market. He wanted our family to connect with this family.

from a worker in Asia

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