My Teacher and I

A section of the language course I’m taking is for sharing stories about my life. I continue to have encouraging words with my teacher about faith. This week I shared with her about my time in High School when I was really searching about God. I had spent a lot of time reading the Bible on my own but without knowing the context and background, I struggled to interpret it. I knew I wanted to take my faith seriously but didn’t know what that meant. I shared with her that through this I learned to live a life of faith all the time, not just on Sundays. A few days ago, I shared a spiritual story from a few years ago in which I had experienced the power of Jesus’ name to overcome darkness. I told her that when we say Jesus’ name dark forces and presences have to leave. This led into a discussion about the Jinn (Muslim name for demons). My teacher told me how a family member of hers had experienced very real physical oppression. Their spiritual leader was asked to exorcise the demons from the house, but the demons did not leave so the family decided to move. How blessed we are to know Jesus and in His name demonic forces must leave. My teacher said, “I have learned a lot about believers and what they are actually like. Previously I thought ‘Western’ and ‘believers’ were the same. I thought they believed that everything is permissible and that they are not concerned about immorality.” Pray for this woman to open her heart to the truth about who Jesus is and that He loves her.

From the Middle East

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