Our Only Contact was a Phone Number

Restrictions eased in the summer, and I headed to the eastern part of the country with one of my housemates. We went to visit some believers and people interested in the Gospel. Some of these believers have been rejected by their families and are not welcome in their home towns. We traveled to a town of around 130,000 people where there are no known followers of Jesus. Our only contact was a phone number for someone who had ordered a Bible online. I texted his number in the morning and had no response. In the afternoon, as we walked through one of the main streets, a guy randomly invited us to have tea. We sat down and chatted with him. Eventually, I told him that we were looking for this guy named M and showed him the text and the number. “That’s my old number,” he said. This was the very man we were hoping to meet! God had put us together. We spent the day with him, sharing the Gospel. Pray for this man.

By a worker in the Middle East

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