Pashtuns Find Jesus

This year, another worker felt God was asking her to reach out to the Pashtun people. She prayed He would guide her to a Pashtun family and started to study their language. She says, “A month went by and I almost gave up hope of finding a Pashtun friend. I had asked everyone I knew to look around, but this city is so massive it was like finding a needle in a haystack. That day I was cooking curry and the recipe called for mustard seeds. By accident I spilled them on the floor and noticed how tiny they were. Then I sat down to read my Bible for a little and it opened right to the parable of the mustard seed. I read it and was soon encouraged. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that I should have a mustard seed of confidence that the Lord knew where to find Pashtuns in this city. I knelt to pray and immediately I received a text from a friend to say, “I found a Pashtun family for you.”

The Pashtun woman cried when our worker walked in her door greeting her in her own language. It was a refugee family of seven children with threat of deportation. After several visits, which would last for hours, the mother said,” I no longer want to be a Muslim.” She had been reading the Bible our worker left with her. A few weeks later, half of the family made the decision to follow Christ. Our worker said, “I feel like my heart is bursting with excitement about what God is doing in this family.”

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