Prayer Resources

“When God intends great mercy for His people,
He first sets them praying.”

Matthew Henry

Since prayer is the backbone of missions, we do our best to get information into the hands of those who will pray.  One way to start finding out about what WEC is doing in the world is to start receiving some of our regular prayer updates.

WEC Canada Publications

Our Weekly Prayer News e-mail has timely information and prayer needs for various WEC workers and ministries around the world.


Prayer Front has information and prayer requests for each day of the month, focusing on the activities of Canadian WEC missionaries abroad.


RPM our quarterly newsletter, is sent by email or mailed to your door upon request. RPM has stories and features focusing on our Canadian overseas work.

Helpful Websites

highlights a different country of the world every day and you can sign up to get a daily prayer profile sent to your inbox or you can download the app to your phone.

 gives statistics and information on unreached people groups. They have interactive maps, a mobile app, podcasts and other helpful resources

has prayer lists as well as videos which show scenes of a country and its people while you listen to a local believer praying for their country

More Prayer Resources

Operation World books

There are several books to help you pray. Please visit

There are other good resources out there. Please look around and find the tools that you find most helpful. The important thing is that you pray because praying for missions and your missionary is an essential role of every Christian.

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