“Teacher, What Are You Going to do With These Bibles?”

For two weeks straight, we received a steady stream of visitors in our thatch-roofed, open-air living room, enduring tearful farewells and doling out the possessions we had accumulated over a period of seven years. Surreally, it was now time to say goodbye. I found myself wondering what had been accomplished during our time in Cambodia and in our village. I knew our fellow villagers had enjoyed our love for them – that much was evident – but was our witness clear? Would any of our seeds fall on fertile ground, and if so, would anyone come along to water them? The sound of a child’s voice suddenly broke through my heavy thoughts: “Teacher, what are you going to do with these Bibles? Can I have one?” Our neighbour’s daughter wanted to read a Bible in the morning, just as she had seen us doing each day. It wasn’t long before yet another young girl asked for one too so that they could read together. Her father, who had once shown interest but had been deterred by threats from the community, seemed well pleased that at least his daughter had the freedom to explore this special book. Since our departure, a Cambodian believer has been making a 6-hour trip each week, from her city to our village, to be with our people there. God lifted my head with a reminder: I must be patient and trusting as I wait for little seedlings to grow.

By Matthew and Allysha Weibe

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