Teresa shares Highlights of Her Life as a Missionary Kid

“It’s the feeling of having someone lift up your head from the pit of despair.  It’s the presence of the One who will never leave you nor forsake you.  It’s the knowledge that you can face the future.  It’s the ability to make friends with a smile.  It’s the gift that His grace is sufficient; His power is made perfect in weakness.  It’s the promise that the darker the night, the brighter the star.  It’s the example of having parents who love Jesus and love people and love doing what God called them to do.  It’s the joy that comes with having your sibling as your best friend or making deep connection in a moment of friendship with everyone.  It’s the blessings that keep showering on me–-adventures, experiences, traveling, food, friends, miracles, etc.  It’s the love for all nations, all cultures, and all people.  It’s just everything and everyone that God has placed in my life at such a time as this.  And that equals… THE BEST LIFE I COULD EVER HAVE.  It’s seeing my parents risk everything – even life – for the gospel, because there is nothing more beautiful than the gospel to them.  And now? Now, I can go and do the same.”

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