The Jesus Way

by Allysha Wiebe

I had some rich times in the Word and in prayer during the required fourteen-day quarantine in a hotel in Phnom Penh. On the 13th day we packed our many suitcases. On the 15th we found out that three people from our quarantine group tested positive and at 10 am were ordered to quarantine for another 14 days!  I’m not going to lie, I did cry a little. The thought of eating rice three times a day for another 14 days with little fruit made me want to fast for the rest of our time. But then Matthew reminded me how fortunate we are to have an amazing Father who works all things together for our good, and how awful it would be for others on our floor who didn’t know Him. I wiped my tears and took heart.

When we were invited by others on our floor to join a protest group in the lobby, we refused. Then another knock on the door, our food lady stopping by with lunch. “Haven’t you gone yet?” She asked. “No,” we answered, “the Minister of Health has ordered us to stay another fourteen days.” 

Later, hearing much chattering in the hallway, we opened our door and everyone was shouting, “We’re free. We won.”    

Matthew didn’t feel right about leaving so he called downstairs. The hotel staff couldn’t say yes or no to the question about leaving. They were too busy dealing with the rush of people trying to get away. 

 After an hour or more a bellboy came to collect our bags. “We only do what we’re told,” he said. “We don’t make the rules.” He went on to say that the Minister of Health was afraid the group would cause a riot, so gave the okay to let them go, except for those who were close to the three rooms with COVID.

We hastily packed our bags, left the hotel, and jumped into a Tuk-Tuk to go to our destination in the city. The driver had witnessed earlier the pushing and shoving of people forcing their way out of the hotel.  He was so impressed by our intention to wait; he told our story to the Cambodian housekeeper in the guest house. She replied without surprise, “Why yes, this is the way of Jesus.” 

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