Touched by Worship

But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him” John 4:23, 24

The above passage has taken on fresh and exciting meaning to me through some unexpected experiences over the past months.

Gathered together with some friends one morning during prayer a certain nearby shop owner came to my mind. I had visited him a number of times but quite some time had passed since I last saw him. Sensing it was from the Lord, I responded in my heart by asking the Lord to give me the opportunity to spend time with him if that’s what He wanted. A friend and I approached His shop and lo and behold there he was waiting to see us. He called us in for tea and we caught up.

Noticing we had a guitar with us he asked us to play a song or two. Feeling the Lord in this we broke out into worship. As soon as we started singing we experienced God’s presence in such an amazing way. My friend was sweating on the strings and I was singing from my depths, eyes closed and lost in His love. After a while I opened my eyes and noticed that the shop was filling up. The worship was attracting bystanders rather quickly. I got to do a bit of translating, explaining what we were singing and why we were doing so. It was an amazing experience and this friend and shop owner couldn’t get enough. We played on for a while and left by saying we were expecting to come back. I was so excited and filled with such a childlike joy for the bliss of this relationship that we have with God through His grace and in His Spirit. I left with a new heart cry for intercession that these people would also experience this on a very personal level. Please pray for more opportunities like this and also to learn some contextual songs in their language. This could be a good way to reach out and share the love of the Father with these people.

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