Urgent Prayer For Workers For The Harvest Fields Of The World

It is estimated that 3 billion people remain unevangelized with no church or Christian witness in their province, or city, or ethnic group. We are eager to prepare and send workers God is calling. Pray passionately for the Lord of the harvest to send workers into His harvest field. Matthew 9: 37 – 38 Our workers on a vision trip write, “Today is the Hindu festival. After supper our Buddhist landlords welcomed us to join them to celebrate. They lit candles everywhere in the yard and made this ornate design to welcome the god of wealth with tiny footprints to show him where to go. I asked why they practice this Hindu celebration when they are Buddhists. “Why not,” they answered, “Just in case it is another god.” Meanwhile the light of the world abides in us. Things like this strengthen our vision for Why it would be worth living our lives here to share Christ.”

From our workers in Asia

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