Virus cannot silence God’s Word…

…it will burst out in one way or another to grab people’s attention.

Quote from a worker in the Middle East: “The pandemic is helping to spread the Gospel!” He went on to give praise to God that the leaders of the Church are using their church websites and social media to give answers
from the Bible to fearful people searching for comfort and truth during this pandemic. There
has been a significant increase in viewers to Christian programs on TV, internet and radio.
Praise God that He is inspiring believers with creativity so that new praise songs, articles, and
video resources are appearing which can be used even after COVID-19 ends.

From Russia: Via Zoom, I have started teaching English, using Bible stories as text on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Last Saturday, there were 16 people who signed up (a mix of believers and non believers). They learned about the background story to the first Passover and about doubting Thomas. I’m sowing some good seed and is it ever nice to see all those people pop up on my Zoom screen. They also are glad to see one another.

France: During these six weeks in confinement, we can’t go further than 1 km
from our home for groceries or exercise. Each evening I take a walk in our neighbourhood.  Our area and circle of influence has shrunk physically to the neighbours around us. I have had a few talks over the fence and at a distance with people I have never met before. I also listen to them. Each person has a different belief in a higher being, universe, energy source… and it takes time to listen and get to know people to really speak into their lives and share Truth. Our attitude, our respect for the laws of the  country to remain at home, our joy even in a hard situation, and our hope we have in Jesus is evident to neighbours we talk with. If we stay here another year in this house and with these neighbours, I believe there will be even more opportunities to share about Jesus and His salvation because of this time of confinement.

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