Young People Standing Strong Under Pressure

The majority of the guys I’ve been meeting with have been students from other cities, so when summer break begins, they scatter, making it difficult to keep in contact with them. Praise the Lord, some have been accepted by their families as believers and have even been able to witness to friends and family. However, one young man has been rejected by his family and his father has threatened to kill him. He’s been staying in another city with a small church that has helped support him. When I asked how he felt about the issue with his family he simply pointed out that this is what Jesus said could happen. He then excitedly told me about a friend from his dorm that had just become a believer, and how he shared with his old Imam (Muslim teacher) why he became a Christian. Others have found fellowships near their hometowns to attend through the summer. Praise the Lord none of these guys are shy and they are quick to make connections and look for fellowship. This is an incredibly rare thing in this country where most new believers keep their faith a secret. If they live in conservative communities, they get trapped in fear which often cripples their ability to grow and mature. Pray for these university students who take the opportunity while away from home to explore taboo subjects, such as Christianity!

From workers in the Middle East

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