It Breaks My Heart

Sometimes we see something that is just beyond sad, heartbreaking, and we wish that we could unsee it, press rewind, and take a few steps back. But it’s etched on our minds forever. The very thing that breaks God’s heart, is also breaking mine. We are to love our neighbour as ourselves. I couldn’t ignore …

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God is a Generous Giver

Recently my son came to me and expressed sadness at our meagre financial situation as missionaries. He is in a class with students whose parents are well-off financially and so his friends have fancy birthday parties at interesting venues and go off on amazing vacations around the world. My son said, “Sometimes I feel left …

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God Affirms a Vision

“The apartment was cold in the morning, around 10 degrees Celsius. I built a fire in the little woodstove provided for us in the sitting room, and then wondered how I would go about finding breakfast. We had arrived in this small North African city a few days ago, and my wife had been ill …

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Act Like an Egyptian

The day after returning from Europe I flew to Cairo. One aim of the trip was to get some spoken Arabic practice as I continue my Arabic studies. It reminded me of how I felt when I went to Turkey for the first time in 1998. Everything is new, everything is interesting and everything takes …

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An Unexpected Surprise

On a short-term trip to the Middle East in 2022 I met a family at a WEC conference who asked if I would be interested in helping them for a short time to teach their eight-year-old daughter who was to be homeschooled. They lived in a neighbouring country in Central Asia. God opened the door …

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Stories that Make Me Smile

The following stories are from workers in various countries of Asia. Office conversation: “But if my wife exercises, she will be easier to steal!” is an argument that oneof our male staff has against me starting up a fitness class. I guess if your wife is difficult to carry, sheis more likely to remain with …

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