Jesus Speaks

We have a close friend from the city where we used to live, who has faith but has never been bold enough to publicly show others what she believes. We have known her for eleven years. Recently she lost her home in the earthquake. She had a dream last week in which she saw a …

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Dressed in White

In our region of north London, England, and in our church, most of the Turkish speakers come from the area where the severe earthquakes took place, so it hit us hard here too. In the midst of dark days however, there are amazing stories emerging. We have heard several reports from different sources of rescued …

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Thai Workers Hear the Gospel in Canada

On Easter Sunday, approximately 200 Thai greenhouse workers gathered at the Christian Reformed Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta for a delicious meal and program. Thai believers shared the true meaning of Easter through their testimonies and joyful singing. Many of the Thai workers said they had never heard the resurrection message before. Tracts were handed …

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Weddings, Women, and Dances

We are so thankful God opened the door for my coworkers and I to be invited to two village weddings. Weddings can last for many days and since men and women are very separate, we could not see our male co-worker the whole time. We attended two days of one wedding and four days of …

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Hidden Women

We found a park where women who speak our new language meet during the limited hours in the day when women are free for visiting. In the hot months the only time is after sunset. Sunset certainly cools the temperature, but it also makes it almost impossible to spot women wearing black in a dark …

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My Teacher and I

A section of the language course I’m taking is for sharing stories about my life. I continue to have encouraging words with my teacher about faith. This week I shared with her about my time in High School when I was really searching about God. I had spent a lot of time reading the Bible …

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