A Little Child Shall Lead Them

At school assembly yesterday the principal asked our son J, six-years-old, to come up on the stage with him. Without J knowing it the principal was leading the whole school in worship to the goddess of education and arts. The principal bowed and all the children followed, except for J. Standing with his hands at …

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An MK is Always Home

“Where are you from?” is a question MKs tend to dread. They dread it not because there is not an answer, but because the answer is complicated. Often, the question assumes a simple answer – I’m from Canada… …. I’m from the US. But the MK has to deal with details such as their birth …

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Jesus Speaks

We have a close friend from the city where we used to live, who has faith but has never been bold enough to publicly show others what she believes. We have known her for eleven years. Recently she lost her home in the earthquake. She had a dream last week in which she saw a …

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Dressed in White

In our region of north London, England, and in our church, most of the Turkish speakers come from the area where the severe earthquakes took place, so it hit us hard here too. In the midst of dark days however, there are amazing stories emerging. We have heard several reports from different sources of rescued …

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Thai Workers Hear the Gospel in Canada

On Easter Sunday, approximately 200 Thai greenhouse workers gathered at the Christian Reformed Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta for a delicious meal and program. Thai believers shared the true meaning of Easter through their testimonies and joyful singing. Many of the Thai workers said they had never heard the resurrection message before. Tracts were handed …

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