“God Sent You to Me”

A story from one of our workers studying in Europe

I continue to be involved in prison ministry with a large team of around twelve, four of us from the college. We join with a team of eight from Germany. This outreach is proving to be a great challenge and joy. God surprises us at each meeting by connecting each of us with precisely the right inmates with whom we can share.

Before I left for Christmas I got talking to a Sikh man, and I quickly discovered he is from India so we began to converse in Hindi. He was rather amazed to say the least. I have met with him three times now and am praying that he will place his faith in Jesus.  I hope to disciple him. He has expressed a deep gratitude and amazement for my friendship, stating again and again that: “God sent you to me!” It has been one of the greatest joys for me to meet with Him bi-weekly. He is eager to read the New Testament, which is such an encouragement. Please continue to pray for our friendship and all of our ongoing relationships with inmates. We rejoice in what God is doing by way of restoring broken lives.

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