God Affirms a Vision

“The apartment was cold in the morning, around 10 degrees Celsius. I built a fire in the little woodstove provided for us in the sitting room, and then wondered how I would go about finding breakfast. We had arrived in this small North African city a few days ago, and my wife had been ill …

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This Is the Way

I was to be at our conference at Nsoc during the last two weeks in May. I could go by bus if I accepted the offer of a ride on an elder’s truck to get to the right bus station. That would mean hundreds of kilometres out of the way, spend lots of money, have …

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A Reluctant Horse

If we serve God reluctantly there will be very little progress. I learned this lesson from a reluctant horse many years ago in Upper Volta (Burkina Faso). I had just arrived in the country and had no means of getting out to the villages to evangelize, except to walk five or six kilometers. One day …

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No Chance Encounters with God

At the beginning of April my husband Philip and I started our journey back to Canada from three months in the DR Congo. When we arrived in Ntoroko, Uganda and got in a taxi bus, I sat down beside the lady in the blue scarf. During our five-hour journey I asked her about her family …

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