Stories that Make Me Smile

The following stories are from workers in various countries of Asia. Office conversation: “But if my wife exercises, she will be easier to steal!” is an argument that oneof our male staff has against me starting up a fitness class. I guess if your wife is difficult to carry, sheis more likely to remain with …

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them

At school assembly yesterday the principal asked our son J, six-years-old, to come up on the stage with him. Without J knowing it the principal was leading the whole school in worship to the goddess of education and arts. The principal bowed and all the children followed, except for J. Standing with his hands at …

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Weddings, Women, and Dances

We are so thankful God opened the door for my coworkers and I to be invited to two village weddings. Weddings can last for many days and since men and women are very separate, we could not see our male co-worker the whole time. We attended two days of one wedding and four days of …

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Hidden Women

We found a park where women who speak our new language meet during the limited hours in the day when women are free for visiting. In the hot months the only time is after sunset. Sunset certainly cools the temperature, but it also makes it almost impossible to spot women wearing black in a dark …

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Reverse Hospitality

For us a new battle was unfolding. We called it the Battle of Supplies. Banks were closing, paper currency was depleted, and there was a lack of supplies. There were months when we had very little to live on, but God provided in an amazing and humbling way. One day, I was coming from the …

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