Garlic and Goats

Sipho and Amanda Moyo in Zimbabwe write: “ACTS13 is growing and developing throughout Africa and here with us in Zimbabwe. We are working hard at developing our farm to be a hub of mission sending preparation and practical skills learning. Our vision is for it to be a demonstration of how agriculture can support and …

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God Calls Africans into Missions

The country of Sao Tomé and Principe, two islands off the coast of Central Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, is not a place that most people in the West are familiar with. These uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. Slave labour from Africa was brought in to …

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 I Grew up in Mexico

Testimony by Christy Ann Dyck I grew up in Mexico. My parents worked at a Christian camp (El Monte) with other missionaries. I had awesome Christian friends who supported me. I grew up believing in Jesus but it wasn’t very personal. I accepted Jesus when I was 10 but I struggled a lot with wanting …

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Was it Really an Accident?

Jake, a former discipleship student, stayed on in the city after the course finished.  We have seen him grow even more in his faith. He works as a barista at a popular café and shares his faith with the students who come. He also helps to mentor young people in our church. Jake stays at …

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Finding the True Comforter

This is the story of a woman in Central Asia who found Christ in the middle of a crisis God has sent missionaries to Central Asia to pray, sow seeds of Truth, engage in spiritual warfare, and spread hope to those living under the clouds of Communism and Islam. You may wonder, how does someone come to …

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